PBC Club Meeting 5/9/2008

This past Friday we had our first club meeting and general rendezvous at the San Francisco Brewcraft store located on 17th Ave. & Clement. I was expecting the 7 of us to be holding a clipboard, fielding some questions along with the SF Brewcraft staff, writing e-mail addresses down and tasting some of our brews one sip at time. BOY was I wrong!

When I arrived, the Brewcraft staff had opened up all their back doors to the store and had our kegs on ice in their main brewing room. Not to mention the other superb home brews brought by some club members, and general home brewers alike. This "meeting" or "tasting" had more of an atmosphere of a party with good people, it was fantastic! Bar-B-Queing on the sidewalk, meeting club member's and other home brewers, meeting friends of friends, partying with the Brewcraft staff and most importantly sampling all the sweet nectars brewed by all the beer connoisseurs made this event a day to remember.

Presidio Brew Co. had a great time at this event and thank everyone who showed up. Big thanks to the staff at SF Brewcraft for allowing us to host the meeting on their premises. Thank you to all our new club member's who came and introduced themselves and had a good time and thank you to all our friends who stopped by and enjoyed all the home brews. We keep brewing because you keep telling us it's good!


Want to join the Presidio Brew Co. Club?

Presidio Brew Co. has had so much fun brewing beer and sharing it with our friends and families, that we've created a brew club for anyone to join...keep in mind, we're located in San Francisco, CA. If you're interested in learning how to brew, have brewing questions, want to meet the amazingly talented brew crew, or want to meet up at our events, go ahead and join.

Visit our main website at presidiobrew.com to become affiliated with the club. Feel free to contact anyone of us with questions, however brewmaster Sam does have the time, know-how and elbow grease to field the majority of questions.

How Inebriated were you at Kevin's B-day party?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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