PBC Club Meeting 5/9/2008

This past Friday we had our first club meeting and general rendezvous at the San Francisco Brewcraft store located on 17th Ave. & Clement. I was expecting the 7 of us to be holding a clipboard, fielding some questions along with the SF Brewcraft staff, writing e-mail addresses down and tasting some of our brews one sip at time. BOY was I wrong!

When I arrived, the Brewcraft staff had opened up all their back doors to the store and had our kegs on ice in their main brewing room. Not to mention the other superb home brews brought by some club members, and general home brewers alike. This "meeting" or "tasting" had more of an atmosphere of a party with good people, it was fantastic! Bar-B-Queing on the sidewalk, meeting club member's and other home brewers, meeting friends of friends, partying with the Brewcraft staff and most importantly sampling all the sweet nectars brewed by all the beer connoisseurs made this event a day to remember.

Presidio Brew Co. had a great time at this event and thank everyone who showed up. Big thanks to the staff at SF Brewcraft for allowing us to host the meeting on their premises. Thank you to all our new club member's who came and introduced themselves and had a good time and thank you to all our friends who stopped by and enjoyed all the home brews. We keep brewing because you keep telling us it's good!


Want to join the Presidio Brew Co. Club?

Presidio Brew Co. has had so much fun brewing beer and sharing it with our friends and families, that we've created a brew club for anyone to join...keep in mind, we're located in San Francisco, CA. If you're interested in learning how to brew, have brewing questions, want to meet the amazingly talented brew crew, or want to meet up at our events, go ahead and join.

Visit our main website at presidiobrew.com to become affiliated with the club. Feel free to contact anyone of us with questions, however brewmaster Sam does have the time, know-how and elbow grease to field the majority of questions.

How Inebriated were you at Kevin's B-day party?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Presidio Brew is sponsoring an Event on 6/28/08

Yeah, that's right. We've been asked to sponsor an event one of our friends is holding at the Crissy Field Amphitheater, the venue we hold our annual party at. This sounds pretty fun....I don't have too many details but there will be "beer Olympics," food and tasty Presidio Brew Co. beers and ciders. Oh yeah, and the organizers will also bring some crappy watered down beer for the olympics....but who's gonna drink that?

Anyway, not one of our events, but PBC will be there in full force.

Monday, May 12, 2008

PBC's Spring Fling - Jessica Ryzenberg's Birthday Party

Come join us for celebrating our friend Jessica Ryzenberg's 29th birthday at West Fort Miley on May 31st, 12pm till we go home. For directions, click here. Another outdoor event sure to be full of fun times.....if you've been to our other's you know what we're talking about, if not, come experience the Presidio Brew Co.


6/6/08 -
The brewfest/birthday party was indeed another success this past Saturday. The new venue, West Fort Miley, proved to be a quality spot to add to our list of quality spots. Besides the small hike up the hill on a paved path that began in the middle of a huge parking lot which probably thwarted a few people's plan to find the event, everything was great! For those of us who spotted the Presidio Brew Co. sign on Sam's car and noticed the path to the right had a grand ole time. We experienced a batch of fresh faces that came to celebrate Jessica's 29th coming, and welcomed the return of catcher-on'rs. The view of the Sunset district and Ocean Beach atop the Fort Miley hill accentuated the good beer and numerous gallons of cider, which commenced our first tasting competition.

Ciders were created by Alex, Matt & Sam which all entailed characteristics unique to each brewer. Sam's Grape and Pomegranate cider's were strong, bitter & distinctive--which relate towards his confident, don't play by the rules mentality & haughty style. Needless to say, he thought he won the competition before it even took place! Alex's apple cider was clean, crisp & to the point--attributes he illustrates when his girlfriend is present, good work Alex. Matt's apple cider was similar to Alex's, except with a few secret ingredients. His addition of brown sugar and honey gave his cider a clean, fruity & quoted "like something brewed from Widmer," (thanks Nick) taste--akin to his attention to detail, professional & groundbreaking techniques. So, the obvious winner of the competition was............no, just kidding, we actually haven't figured that out yet, and it was more of a celebration to nature's nectar, than skills of each brewer....at least until someone starts talking trash! (Can you tell who writes this thing?) The tasting competition was excellent, and in the near future we'll encourage fellow brewers to bring by some samples of their goodness to join in on the fun.

These ciders were coupled with awesome beers brewed by Mandy and Tracy. Tracy successfully mimicked Fat Tire Amber Ale without even trying to, creating a nice, full bodied ale. Mandy stayed consistent with her super hoppy ale's which always have patrons begging for more. And Kevin and Randy were along for the ride. The venue had a huge grass area which simultaneously supported badminton, soccer, frisbee and baseball toss. While others relaxed by the barbecue, conversed and listened to the sweet guitar melody's of Sam and the Halla family. All in all, another awesome one for the books, if you don't know now you know, that is if you're reading this. Peace!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kevin Hicks' birthday bash - PBC Brewfest Style aka 2nd Annual Crissy Field Brewfest

Kevin's birthday bash went on without a hitch as we celebrated the perfect weather, friends, family and passers by. We had more brews than ever, and plenty to go around. Our patrons passed the time with ping pong, badminton, frisbee, and some baseball and football tossin'. Definitely a great day full of innocent debauchery....wait, I don't think there's such a thing.

Presidio Brew Co. Brings You - THE IRON CHEF COMPETITION

The first ever Iron Chef competition was the first and only brewfest outside of San Francisco as we also celebrated brewmaster Mandy's birthday at her boyfriend brewmaster Sam's house in Petaluma. The two contestants in the competition were Sam and Randy. They both made some great dish's, but Sam edged out Randy's Hebrew inspired meals in each category taking home the title. Needless to say we all got smashed and partied the night away. I mean, you don't have to get drunk to have a good time, but why the hell not!? The night ended with Randy accidentally kicking Kevin in the face while he was being held up for a late-night kegstand. Kevin then pushed Randy's feet away from him, gravity played its part and Randy toppled over into the fence headfirst behind the kegs. This was so freaking hilarious (uhh, not for Randy) that it inspired our friend Wes to come up with his blogspot name: whenkegstandsgowrong....check out his all-Christian site with the link on the side bar.

Brew Master Randy totally dominating the kitchen....or so he thought.

He may not have won the event, but Wes and Ruth sure do enjoy his secret recipes.

Brew Master Tracy playing some late-night badminton, while posing for the picture flaunting his pearly-whites......skillz??

Brew Master Kevin totally connecting on that return from Tracy.....what's Kevin's brother muttering in the background?

The Anti-Holiday Party - PBC's Festivus 2007

The festivus party was masterminded by brewmaster Sam...obviously derived from Seinfeld.....and if you don't know that...uhm, you're lame, I guess. A successful anti-holiday party including cheesy holiday attire, traditional holiday foods....wait this isn't anti.....BUT also with airing of grievances, feast of strength, festivus miracles, etc. which touch on the not-so-bright side of things, opposite to traditional holiday cheer. I'm not saying we're angry people, it's just enlightening to sometimes get the shitty things of your chest instead of pushing them down and pretending to be happy all the time, right? Right.....anyone?? Uh yeah, it was Sam's idea.....